Back to school supplies! Can't you just smell those new crayons? I always love to see what is new and exciting that will make my meager note taking more interesting and fun. Gel pens, mini Sharpies...I'm sure Jeff can add the newest and most popular items...seeing it is his business to know! (I love my PaperPro every time! Thanks Jeff!)

I don't need anything...but I sometimes need a boost to get my back on track. I'm slowly weeding out the ugly pens that don't write nicely and replacing them with ones that have a soft rubber grip on the bottom. I snag these from Joe's pockets when he comes home! They are great.

I did buy another magnetic pencil I have one on the side of the frig and my file cabinet. I'm still looking for a 7 hole punch fro my Dayt*mer...there are ones online but I like to actually put my greedy little mitts on stuff when I buy. No rush - I've wanted one for several years and seem to have managed with my 1 hole punch and a homemade template.

I'm unsure about an organizing calendar...they're worked great in the past but now my life is quite a bit more simpler. We'll see...the smell of the ink may persuade me to buy another one!


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