Team Crockett , here I am!

Well it's official...I'm walking for the Uncover the Cure next June in Calgary! And because misery loves company, I've also signed Joe up! Nah, I'm not that demented, I did have his permission despite anything he may say.

Now to get my pledges...which may require some thinking on my part because I don't work outside the house and I would HATE to have to depend on my loving and generous family! The really good news is I do have time to get my grey cells in working mode ...and time to get the bod up to snuff! I would really like to have to change my registration to a 10K run but I don't want to back myself into a corner I'm reluctant to get out of. Tis far better to upgrade from walker to runner than the t'other way around, n'est pas?

Thanks for all your support - in whatever form it takes! No Heidi, I don't think people would pay to see me shave my head!


Lesley said...

Not sure of the legalities yet but Aaron and I were thinking of raffling a prize pack of dinner gift certificate, movie passes and a shiny white convertible for a night with complimentary kid sitting by yours truly for the evening. This would be done at our Miami Vice/80s party in March...I still like the idea of Aaron get pledges for him to wax his legs, LOL!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

I'm thinking of making up a lap quilt and seeing if I can do a silent auction...maybe split to proceeds with a good group...local library? Still got lots of thinking to do!