Thanks for a great time Alex!

Alex celebrated his birthday yesterday with 54 of his closest friends! What a riot! The food was awesome, Papa smoked a roast beef, Uncle Jeff manned the grill for burgers and hot dogs, Auntie Heather tossed the caesar salad, there was baked BBQ beans, home style macaroni and cheese, potato salad, Mommy Lesley made Superman Jello, Daddy Aaron set up the garage for everyone's dining pleasure...even the weather was a good as you could hope for.The entertainment was supplied by 2 very talented women with temporary tattoos!

After cake and before gift openings was a Batman pinata (I know this is spelled wrong but for the life of me I can't find it in the dictionary!!!) bash...Alex let all the kids have a turn with the stick. Everyone seemed to fill their loot bags. Lots of smiles all around!
Alex and his choice
Papa's dragon symbol - I hope that's really what it is! If not, I apologize!
Daddy Aaron
Cousin Jonathan's first tattoo! Great Canadian cutie!
My first tattoo and probably my looks foreign on my arm and I know I could not live with the permanent type. Seems I will be the odd one out in my family...DH and both girls sport tats! Me, I'm old fashion and sport freckles!

Note for Heidi...Team Crockett is our family team name for the Uncover the Cure Underwear walk in Calgary 2008. Here's my direct link to my page. Team Crockett

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Lesley said...

Where's the Superstar pic? I didn't even get one of Aaron and Me...too busy I guess!