Let's talk trash

I must have a dull life if all I can think of blogging about is...wait for it...
I know some folks...no names...have gone through a multitude of designs searching for the perfect solution. This, my dear family and friends is what I want/need! I can dedicate 1 bin for 'compostables', one for regular trash and 1 for papers I need to shred. Too easy. And these can be found at H*me *utfitters. I hope someone takes the bait...Christmas is coming!

I stumbled across it yesterday while shopping for Joe's needs at work. Seems the ones they have now aren't meeting their needs. Because the cans are visible to the working public, they needed something stylish yet functional. And what is more stylish than stainless steel.

After much thought, trying them all and drawing a bit of a crowd, Joe decided on a couple of these beauties. The top flips open much like double doors on a frig...taking up little space...simply step on the floor pedal and dump in what you need to.

Ahhh....a girl can dream, can't she?

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