Are you sure there's only 2 days this weekend?

Initially we had planned on zipping down for Joey's birthday, coming back in time for the company party @ 6....take a breath and then zip to Sherwood Park for the kid's Christmas party Sunday.

Then it happened.

If you read Lesley's blog, you know that she had some nasty stomach bug go throughout the whole day home. Well it seemed to follow me home! Friday I was feeling off. Saturday was a whole new story! Thank goodness for some OTC goodies. It soothed things down long enough for me to go to the party...good thing as I was DD...and help Santa in and out of his outfit.

Then, once we got safely home, guess who said..."I don't feel so good!"? Yup...the main attraction for Sunday's kids' party!!!! Santa can't be sick, not at this time of year....pop a couple of my little helpers, and he was able to sleep through the night.

Santa is still sleeping, resting his knee for today. All the winners of door prizes last night got to sit on his knee and have a picture taken. Thank you Larry Chow! What a sweetheart, never goes anywhere without his trusty camera. I'll post a photo or tow once they get downloaded.

Hopefully we'll be back to catch the last half of the Grey Cup...I have the Blue Bombers...Joe's risking one of his 2 pizza dinners from last weeks wins....he won't go double or nothing because he likes his pizza and he wants to know he has at least 1 in the bank for a night of his choosing. Smart man!

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Matt said...

HAHAHA!!! I can't wait to see some pictures of Santa. Hope you are both feeling better.