Today & tomorrow left!

Then it's DECEMBER!!!!!! I'M NOT READY!!!!!

Oh well, I had all year to prepare so it's my own fault. I still need to get the grandkids ornaments...this always take a looong time because a certain someone likes to try them all out - yes...the motorized ones!...and the we have to match the ornie to the child. Once we get them home, we unpack them all and try them again in case something happened in the past 20 minutes!

Oh well it wouldn't be Christmas without this ritual along with the snatching of the advent chocolate! I guess I should see about getting those, shouldn't I? Our house rules are if you miss a day, the others get a chance to steal! The exception to this rule is if the person has been physically away from the calendar...then they get and first day back to get caught up. The best year I had I got 4 of Joe's - they were so sweet!

Also, you can tell folks are traveling more these days. Amanda & Rob have a trip planned for today...and wouldn't you know it...grey dog has increased fares!!!! Now that's not very festive of them, but they are just following the airlines/ gas stations and so forth.

Make someone's day and pay it forward, be it at Timmy's, plugging a parking meter or gifting someone with your shopping cart when you are done with it! Spread the joy every chance you can!

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