What to do today?

Oh the choices...do I do my walkie first or last? I'd rather craft than pay bills! I'd rather read than clean house....but let's be adult about these things! Surf the net and catch up on all my favorite blogs!

Seriously, I do have a load of laundry in, urgent emails attended to, bills lined up to be paid after the mail lady delivers this morning. Chicken thawing for supper tonight. And weekend plans sketched out.

Joe is off elk hunting with his co-workers Saturday. If the kids aren't working yet, we'll head into the city and check out Disneyland for the young at heart aka IKEA! I passed the catalogue over to Amanda to get the general idea on how the Swede think out the box. Should be fun.

Sunday, Joe & I will have a movie date at WEM and Amanda & Rob can wander around the mall in amazement. So many shops, so many attractions and oh so many shoppers!!!! It's not my favorite place to be this close to Christmas! Give me Londonderry...more my size & speed & price point!

Have a great TGIF!

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