2007 Review

We @ Lil Salmon House had a great 2007. Some trials & tribulations but so much more victories and smiles.

We now enjoy 3 grandsons, the youngest new to walking and all that entails, the middle a great thinker @ 4 and the eldest a veteran at solo sleep overs. Each unique in their own way and oh so precious.

We enjoyed lots of company from both family & friends. Some from down East, some from up the road. Our door is always open, the trick...to find us @ home!

Hockey came back into our lives...AJHL still offers great value for the money. We haven't been to an NHL game since per 2000. Our SIL is now a full fledge player...doesn't talk so much about the game standings as "did you see that hit?"!

Both Joe & I got lots of fresh air...but in different ways. I was happy to putter around in my greenhouse/garden while Joe was out on the open roads with his motorcycle. It sure was a nice way to decompress after a hectic day in the office!

We continued giving back to the community - a couple of school fundraising nights at the casino..handling all that money is a bit overwhelming.., supporting some food bank fundraisers, helping with our local library fundraiser and then there was a little visit from the man in the red suit...the kids so enjoyed him. He is already pre-booked for 2008! Hopefully this time we can coordinate everyone so all 3 of our grandsons can join the fun.

2008 will be personal bests for both Joe & I. We jumped on the Team Crockett band wagon and had better get moving...race date is fast approaching! It's THIS YEAR now!!!!!

On behalf of the Lil Salmon House, I wish you all health, happiness and much success in 2008!

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Lesley said...

Happy New Year!

Lot's of stuff in store for '08 already.

Looking forward to another great year!