Should I leave or should I stay?

No, I'm not leaving Joseph...I'm referring to blogspot. Seems I have a few faithful readers...Nannie for instance...I heard she worries if I don't post for 3 days running. And our dear kids keep track of us via the blog.

No matter what I post with or without some cool photos, I'm not getting any feedback from family & am I just fulfilling my own wish to be a published writer? Should I go back to letters to the editors??????

It's like throwing a party and no comes!

So, will you come to my blog and leave me a note of some sort so I know I'm not alone?

Okay, now that's pathetic...asking for visitors...yeesh...the next thing you know, we'll throw a wedding or something just to get people out our way!!!!!

Stay warm, remember to wear your long johns...I I'm warm but I don't like the way my outer pants the sacrifices to stay warm during an Alaskan clipper!!!!! Today is a balmy minus 35' wind so if you dress warm, it's ok's better than yesterday. Now to go and see if the car will start!


Peggy said...

Thanks for the great laugh. How tall is this fella anyway????
You two are looking great and these are lovely pictures.

Lesley said...

Wow, that was kinda lonely need to get out more...just kidding. I know you've got friends and monthly/weekly girl groups.

With bloglines, I seem to just read from there instead of actually going to the direct site.

And comments are always hit and miss. I write about something that I'm looking for opinions and I get nothing BUT I post a dorky picture or something boring and get lots of comments.

No rhyme or reason.

I blog for me.

Anonymous said...

hey Berta
I read your blog everyday, i read everyones blog so don`t stop writting in it cause i`ll miss reading them


Anonymous said...

not a day goes by that i don't read your blog.
i don't know what i would do if you stoped.
its nice to know how the western MacAulay Clan are doing.
I also read les blog every day.You never know what your going to
Got to love it.