What a weekend!

Keep in mind this all came together in less than 6 days, and it started with an innocent email inquiring about someone's where abouts...these military people can sure breeze into your life, change it and breeze out.

I/we owe our friend Steve a huge THANK YOU! for setting up this meeting with
Chef Michael Smith over the weekend. CPO1 Bill Pratt was very busy but very accommodating and here are some shots from this whirlwind adventure. The highlight was meeting the big guy himself, but to see the behind the scenes was priceless. Those shows like Chef at Large and The Heat show the real deal...and it's intense.

Chef Smith is as he appears on his Chef at Home shows, very personable and down to earth. After a quick 'heads together' to discuss the plating of the fish course, he came over for our photo shoot. As he walks towards us he grabs this huge pot from the rack, flips it over, pats the top and tells me to hop up! I don't think this was the first or last time he did that!

Then he really starts to ham it up! Keep in mind he and his crew are about 6 hours away from serving a $600/plate meal to ~ 350 people!!!!! Top that off with a film crew underfoot to document the occasion for an upcoming feature.

I can only say that he is a true star in every sense of the word. There is no pretense, he's the real thing!

Besides the photo memories we left with 2 autographed cookbooks...one to me and the other to Team Crockett for our upcoming fund raiser....you know...I may have to bid on that one just to keep the pair together and have ALL the memories!

Thanks again to Steve, Bill and Chef Smith!

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Blog U Say!!! said...

I am so so Totally envious. I love Chef at Home and Watch it nightly. He is no Gordon Ramsay of course but Michael Smith is still one of the greats. And a Giant he is too. :~)

Thanks for sharing the Pictures but I still wish it was me.