A workout break through

As most and hopefully all of you know, I'm part of team Crockett and we are entered into this year's Alberta's Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair, Calgary edition. It's either a 5 km walk or 10 km run.

As much as I hoped, I can't run! It hurts my back too much and the agony in the following days isn't worth even this good cause. It sucks having had a bad back injury so many years ago...but that's my life, I deal with it as best as I can.

So I'm officially a walker! I peaked at last year's times and I only know that I don't want to be the last one to cross the finish line....so...I've been training hard. Not to the point of injury...I did take 2 days off while I wasn't feeling well, but to the point where I am challenging myself! I'm sweating!

Today was the first time this year that things seemed to come together and Ta Da...I did 1.75 miles in 30 minutes which puts me on course for a 53-54 minute walk! I'd be pleased with that...but you know me, don't you...I'm going to try and maintain that pace for a while, get the heart rate down a smidge and then challenge that time.

So if you could, show your support...every dollar goes towards a great cause that isn't nearly enough in the headlines. It has struck my family, let's hope for the last time! Go to our web page Team Crockett and pledge today. FYI - I've have 3 sponsors to date ...2 online with a credit card and one cash to me & I mailed in a cheque. So do what you are comfortable with. Thank you one and all! If you can't be a sponsor, be a motivator. Check your local area for a similar run and go out there and cheer the teams on!

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