Fun with the grandkids

The blackboard in the kitchen got a workout from Joey & Alex. Joey's newest favorite character is Turok...and he printed it out so I know exactly who he's talking about...and I think there was mention of a shopping
trip to EB G*mes...not sure what system...but we'll consult with parents before any such purchase.

Alex could use some new Play D* colours are all that muddy gray tone from too much inter mixing. And I need a need box of chalk for the blackboard, which itself should be re-painted. This is still the initial 3 coats I put on how many years ago????

Jonathan and his Mom made good time on their trip up. Jonathan was a bit hesitant around me and Cody. But eventually he came around and almost touched Cody on the nose...the jury is still out about Nannie! But we made fast friends when Papa showed up...who is that big guy????

Jonathan helped unpack his Go Bag...diapers, food, snacks - all the essentials a little man needs in an average day!

I guess I wasn't quick enough offering up snacks...Jonathan resorted to raiding the kitchen on his own and came up with a very nice potato!!!!!! Maybe we'll cook it up for dinner tonight!


Alli said...

wow look at the size and brigtness of his eyes. they are amazing. love the art work. but one question who is turok??

Anonymous said...

SOunds like it was a great visit with the kiddies, what a cutie!

Lesley said...

From a previous post - Turok is some dinosaur hunter that Aaron and Joey were playing on the Xbox 360.
Yeah - no more baby mullet :o)