Go out on a limb or stay safe?

Joe has a slight change in his glasses so we are hunting for new frames today. With all the selection available, do you think they will have some funky ones big enough for wide tetes? Joe's been talking about breaking out of the safe wire frames and getting some thick plastic types. Hey, I thought the same thing but only went half way...my sunglasses are beautiful Anne Klein frames...everyday indoors ones are half rims..again!

Stay tuned for updates on our search. I still like the navy blue Porsche frame ($700 for the frames alone 5 years ago!) but they may be too worn to re-use.

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, it always takes me forever to choose new frames...so many styles and choices to make! Its not like cloths where if you don't feel like waring that style today you can choose another outfit, you are stuck with them! Maybe thats why I have 2 pairs plus contact lenses...