What was I thinking?

Obviously I got side tracked enough not to blog for 3 whole days!!!!! But I'm back. I have a few too many projects underway...and to top it all off I got the biggest email yesterday...yes the legal stuff finally arrived and now I have to fill everything out and then venture out into the snowy wonderland to find my Commissioner of Oath. Why couldn't this happen last week before the snow storm?

We did manage to get some sunny days so I could work on Frederick. For those not in the know, stitching on black is very difficult unless you have lots of strong natural sunlight...and something light underneath so the little holes show up. I'm trying to get this done completed before the 1 year mark...sometime in May.

Still quilting the bow tie quilt...something that tortures challenges my carpal tunnel hands. Oh well I have found that a couple of over the counter type painkillers and warm soothing heat will abate most of the 'wake me up in the middle of the night' excruciating pain.

Next week is going to be busy as well. Just learned that our provincial leaders are debating the election issues on the tube Thursday...as if that day/evening isn't busy enough! Garden meeting @ 7 pm, a lot of great watchable TV shows and the arrival of Alex & Joey and his parents! I may send regrets to the Garden Club executive and stay home and try and get a better idea of who should get my vote!

Why does my head hurt?

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