Good week overall

Friday evening we bought the bed for the guest room, which was to be delivered Sunday morning. Sunday was beautiful. While waiting for the delivery,I got some of the back yard cleaned up while Joe got the dust off the bike.

On Saturday Joe's inquiry about the chrome side parts for the bike weren't looking too no longer being made. Monday he found a source to do custom chrome which was his next choice. Surprise surprise on Tuesday night...the parts were in! And at a great price too! Joe dropped them off at the house on his road trip north. Joe got home last night and hadn't finished supper 5 minutes before he was digging out his wrenches and installing the new bling bling.

When we purchased the bed, we held back the GST which was to be paid at time of delivery. Well the driver wasn't interested in processing it, so when Joe stopped by on his way home the other day, seems that the balance was cleared by our salesman! A good deal made even better! There are still good folks around...just keep your eyes open so you can recognize them!


Anonymous said...

The Big Guy,,
Is there such a thing as too much Chrome...NNaaaawwwww...
Thanks Babe,,,

Matthew said...

No GST always sounds good to me especially when it's unexpected.
The bike looks great, you can never go wrong with more chrome.

Brenda said...

If I can read your blog and I can comment on your blog, how can you not be on mine and how do I add you?