Catching up

First and foremost, I had a lovely Mother's Day. I shared it with Lesley...the boys made us a lovely brunch of deli meats, fruits, cheese and breads with Mimosa to sip. I got some goodies to pamper myself as well as Chanel's' Chance Eau Fraiche. We are also getting a WII game from Heather & Jeff - can't wait for a rainy day and that baby! Heather had to work, but it also rained all day so maybe it'll be nicer on her next day off and she can play with JR on his climber in the backyard.

Joe & Aaron picked up my car Friday, seems to be good as before the fiasco. Now to get the financial situation squared away.

I had my first round of golf on Saturday with the family. The weather was good despite a stiff breeze caused me a bit of grief! Alex is the proud owner of 2 clubs, 7 iron and putter. Joey tried out his new bag, worked very well. I had a big laugh about mid way through the game. Aaron zipped to the clubhouse for some drinks and chips. Alex in his haste grabbed his Dad's V8 juice! He took a big drink, swallowed and then looked at me and said "This tastes like SOUP! I don't like Soup!" He then exchanged it for his apple juice he had requested! Too funny.

Sunday afternoon, Joe mowed the front lawn with the new mower. Very nice cut. then we edged the sidewalk and driveway. Went for a little spin to return some movies and buy a new push broom for outside and we had to pat ourselves on the back when we drove by our house on the way home. Our curb appeal ROCKS even without any leaves on the trees and flowers in bloom. Now to work on the back yard.

I had a reality check over the weekend when I realized that THIS coming weekend is the long weekend and we are supposed to be camping ans helping Jeff & Heather prep the house for sale!!!! I'm not ready! So I better get this published and get myself into gear!

I hope all the Mom's had a wonderful weekend!

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