Oh to be 40 again!

Seems time is running faster as I age! I used to get my daily household chores done by noon so I could have the afternoon for projects. Well there doesn't seem to be much afternoon left by the time I get to it!

And forget about watching TV...2 nights running I fell asleep watching one of my favorite shows...House (which was really weird) and NCIS! And this was all before 10 pm! Wasn't there a time when things never heated up until after 11?

And because of that, I haven't been reading my library books...have 4 to go back next week...2 are still being read. I used to read in the bath tub while I soaked away my aches and pains...but I can't now, my glasses steam up and I can't see without them! How sad is that? Very!

I hope I'm not slowing down too much....I have a 5 km Team Crockett race to do next month! Isn't there a VetaVitaVegamin for my generation????

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