Want to change the weather? Paint outside!

The week was supposed to be bright and mostly dry, but that all came to a crashing end last night when the boomers rolled in! The good news, I knew things were changing for the worse and I pulled out my tarps and covered the deck I stained yesterday.

As the rain continues, I may end up playing in the greenhouse. A project I'm excited about are a pair of men's rain boots! I need a 'soft' doorstop for the greenhouse and I thought these would be the perfect choice once they are planted up! The boots are found objects and Joe so nicely drilled some drainage holes along the soles. A brick in the bottom for weight and they are almost ready for flowers.

OT - Harvey Korman from the Carol Burnett show was passed away at age 81. The chemistry between him and Tim Conway was so funny...that was comedy! I don't care for today's shock comedy where the more F bombs you can fit into a story the funnier - NOT! Give me the Apple Dumpling gang!

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Brenda said...

we were talking about that today at work and were saying how comedy show today do not compare to mrs a wiggings, and the rest of the characters any day. it was fun to remember and make fun of all those funny skits we used to watch. it had us laughing so hard i thought i would pee my pants.