Busy weekend

The gang arrived about 2 hours ahead of schedule, just as I was washing the bathroom floor. Bit they didn't mind...the kids just wanted to change into their trunks and hit the hot tub.

Saturday while Alex and Lesley had a casual morning, the rest of us headed out for an 8 am tee off. We did the back nine - a first for Joey & me and I quite enjoyed it. We headed back and switched vehicles, picked up the others and headed to the farmer's market. Oh the goodies we got...fresh peas, berries, foccacia, olives, and of course lunch out!

Saturday we also had a nice visit from Edmond & Josephine and Lydia & Alli. We got caught up on more pf what's going on and I had a chance to show off my garden in progress.

Sunday was a bit different. We split up. Lesley and I headed to a Botanic Park for a group tour and lunch while the guys headed to the bowling lanes. Back to the house for some bocce ball while the kids played in & out of the hot tub. My favorite saying...don't hit the greenhouse! Seemed like the balls just gravitated in that direction. Poor Cody took shelter back in the house from all those flying balls.

Of course we played games after the kids went to bed...Scatagories the first night,Scrabble and Qii, Saturday night and last night was all out, no holds barred Cranium and then Rumoli. Who knows...it may be darts tonight!

Today is laundry day, haircuts and then family portraits, followed by supper out. We'll be letting the moose at Montana's feed us tonight!

Hope your weekend was as much fun as ours...I'll post photos later when I have a few more free minutes.

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