Still on holidays so limited online time

We didn't realize how on edge we were about Heather's wedding. I think it was a combination of nerves, and the 9 years since Lesley's nuptials to Aaron...we had a looong time to think of different stuff to do and the rising costs associated with it. In the end, except for the gown cleaning...haven't brought it in yet...we are slightly below the forecast budget.SHHH! Don't tell anyone...I think I may be able to swing some new carpet...or mildly used carpet! lol

All in all, everyone went smoothly, we had lots of near and dear friends and family to celebrate with and it was worth every cent. the next big shindig will be for Joe & I as we renew our vows. I wanted to do this at 25 but with Mom's passing so soon before it wasn't the right time. I think 35 is a great number, don't you? Perhaps a Survivor 2010 weekend...we had a blast @ Survivor 2000! Or maybe a wedding-moon type of affair. Details to follow as soon as I break the news to the groom!

Joe broke the "on Vacation" cardinal rule and went into work on Tuesday. Nice guy, he dropped me off @ IKEA - which I thoroughly enjoyed and spent lots! - while he sorted out some pressing issues. Wednesday we stopped by Riverside and bought me a helmet before heading out to check out some seasonal campgrounds. We want a place where we can park the camper for the whole summer. Seen a gorgeous place on Pine lake but missed the boat so to speak. They have decided to go into a membership only campground and the initial offerings are at a higher rate than the mortgage on our house! Go Figure that one...didn't make sense to us either so we gracefully declined to attend their upcoming disclosure meeting. So our search continues, perhaps to the Rocky Mountain House area Friday or Saturday.

This morning we headed out on the chrome first ride since the GoldWing days...totally different experience. Louder, more exposure to the elements and a lot more raw power. Oh and I'm 15 years OLDER!!!!! Does that make a difference? I was definitely out of my comfort zone and isn't that what living life to the fullest is all about? If not, email me before tomorrow's run! And we have a show & shine we are entering on Sunday. I'll be the one with helmet hair!!!!

Must a movie to watch and a glass of wine to sip!

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