I think I'm going to be busy!

Once again I/we have joined the Underwear Affair which will run out of Calgary June 6, 2009. Team Crockett is no more. After joining forces with Janine and Chris, we have become Tarts and Tallywackers. Please follow the link and check us out. Lesley is all her efficiency has the big fund raiser already planned out...now to get some goodies for the ever popular silent auction.

This weekend we will be moving things around to make way for a new family member. Kevin has decided to join us for the upcoming school year. grade 11...if I remember correctly, I had tons of homework to do. I also switched schools for that year...I had previously attended Bathurst High School for Grade 10. I can remember missing the bus sooooo many times and having to walk home over the Bathurst bridge and down St Peter's Ave...not fun. Yes we were a family with 1 car and Dad took it to work with him. I thought MVHS was a breeze...just a short walk back of the school, over the tracks and I was home after my sports practice or games. Yes, I enjoyed my last 2 years of high school.

Brian continues to breeze in after long hours of driving. He managed to eat supper, do 1 load of laundry before collapsing in bed.

I'm still walking with Jo & Caidin...new extended route...doing 2.67 miles in near darkness. It's light by the mid point range and by then our shoes are damp from the morning dew. This morning we came across Joe parked on the side of the road...by A&W...I thought he was getting a bacon egger...but he wasn't...just fine tuning his bike mirror which I probably bumped taking out the trash. A few minutes later we get the big wave form Brian as he left for work...ahh the house was nice and quiet. Not sure how Kevin's routine will blend in, but we'll give it a day or 2 to fall into place.

We are eating fresh vine ripen tomatoes almost every day. I have some beans to blanch for the freezer and the carrots are yummy...I pick one or 2 a day, wash them in the rain barrel and snack on the way back into the house. What more could you ask for?

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