Monday already!

Time sure flew by this weekend...literally! Friday afternoon, the boys headed to Grand Prarie to visit their cousins. Our Friday night was the Celine concert...still talking about how great it was.

Saturday brought a huge wind storm, complete with a mini snow storm. It was so bad, there was a fatality along the highway that backs our home. Joe was in Lily Lake helping a friend insulate his new garage.

Sunday we puttered around the house in the morning and headed to WEM for some window shopping...okay...we spent some money too! Joe treated himself to a new hat...looks very snazzy in it...and I finally got into Bath and Body Works! And they had a sale on their luscious liquid soaps! I got 3 and 2 linen sprays...what luxury! Then we took in CSI Edmonton @ Jubilation's. Little did we know that that was the last performance in that venue. They will reopen with a new production in a new theatre somewhere else in the big mall. So...time to plan another hot date!!!!

Today is back to the regular stuff...laundry, house cleaning...and oh yeah...visiting with my dear friend Marsha who's out from BC for a week or so.

Hallowe'en and report cards on's going to seem like a short week!

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mumzy said...

I have no objections to you keeping the snow in your area. Here today, it is just pouring - but at least, it is rain and 16C.

Love those nice smelling soaps but I can't use any of the smelly stuff as DH is allergic to any of those types of smells.