Unexpected treat

Since our household exploded with the nephews arrival, I can't remember having a quiet night when the house is all mine! Joe was on a road trip since Thursday, Brian was due in the early hours and Kevin had an unexpected sleep over with a friend. So after a light supper, I set up my daylight lamp and stitched!

As a 'parent' I'm a bit out of touch - I had some reservations about Kevin's sleepover. Despite living here all these years, I haven't had much interaction with residents of the surrounding areas. But I did what was right and let him go after I got names and phone numbers. It was nice that Kevin could hang out with Brent, especially after Thursday lunch time drama. Reader's Digest version...an unfortunate accident while the boys were heading for S*bway for lunch. Brent had a couple of deeply cut fingers that were bleeding badly. Kevin took off his Kr*ft Dinner t-shirt, wrapped up the hand and they all headed to the medical clinic. Brent ended up with 7 stitches and 2 heavily bandaged fingers. Kevin did a great job of not panicking. I think I'll check into a First Aid course for him - he's only had the quick CPR version that gym class taught.

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