Busy head

It wouldn't be bad if my head was full of holiday related stuff...but no...I have to have a lot more stuff running around in there! Here are some examples
  1. Iris Johansen's Pandora's Daughter...is it possible?
  2. Farm Sanctuary - Gene Baur...will I become vegan?
  3. GOYA concept...Get of your *ss...why are some days harder to be productive vs busy?
  4. Students & part time jobs - the impact on the family unit
  5. More creative ideas than time...how could I best divide my time
  6. TV - could I go without it? I love to hate it but I do have a couple favorite shows!
  7. 80/20 concept...how Richard Koch's thoughts are colouring my world!
Any thoughts?


mumzy said...

I don't have time for all those thoughts. I'm too busy trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yes Go Vegan!

Lucie said...

I like all of Iris Johansen's stuff, I'm hoping the second installment of her new trilogy will come out soon. I had to leave "World Without End" for awhile, too depressing. I'm wallowing in mindless Nora Roberts stories right now.