I don't believe it, even now!

What is IT?

IT was a day long shopping trip in the midst of holiday chaos in the WEM & Londonderry with Joe not complaining at all! We headed out early, while the boys...Joe, Aaron, JT, Alex, Brian & Kevin played mini golf, Lesley & I hit the stores...HARD! When we all met up for lunch we were hauling lots of bags! It actually went well for everyone with 1 exception.

Brian & Kevin went over to another mall where Gene Simmons was attending a grand opening and would sign autographs for 2 hours. However, by the time they arrived, the crowds were such that they didn't even see a peep of Gene.

Sunday was the children's Christmas party. Here's a few highlights...but Papa had to disappear into a quiet area to take some phone calls and missed Santa's visit. Maybe next year he'll see him!

Thanks for the great visit!

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Lucie said...

Sounds like a super day for everyone, especially the boys. Now I thought when husbands went shopping, they were supposed to hold the bags and purses.