Joe's been busy today!

Joe has been up north visiting his camps before the holiday madness sets in. This is what he woke up too. Brr!

Roads in the area are terrible as this shot illustrates. I did get a bit nervous and called Joe to see if he was taking photos and emailing them all while driving his own truck. He said no, he stopped because they were trying to pull the tanker out and so had time to take the photo and email...all via his handy dandy company cell phone! Hmmm....wonder how that those 'Ansel Adams' cost?!

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mumzy said...

I have been away to Moncton to look after my MIL. Have not heard too much about what is going on in other parts of the Country but it looks like you had your share of snow and miserable roads. It has not been too bad in southern New Brunswick yet. I would also be worried about my DH if he was driving on those types of roads. Take care and we will keep you in our prayers so everyone of your family stays safe.