Thanks to caring friends

Today was so cold & miserable, Cody didn't want to get out of bed, but she did go outside for her pee. She was shivering so bad when she came in, Joe covered her with his precious HD blankie . Cody snuggled in and had a wonderful morning nap.

Then I dug out her doggie coat she got for Christmas from our dear friend Joanne. It was put away with the rest of the winter dumb was that? Winter is finished with us yet! Cody was so cozy that it didn't take any persuation to go for a car drive. In fact, she beat us to the door!

Well, I'm keeping this short, rumour has it, we are under a winter storm warning of 10 - possibly 20 cm of the heavy white stuff! Now, I'M not amused! Going to put my patio chairs over the plants that have started growing to keep the weight of any snow from cruching them beyond recuperation. Wish us luck!


Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

cody-monster looks so cute in her little coat...i guess that makes it okay to check old navy for their cute puppy outfits...what size is cody?

Anonymous said...

I hope that it is only a rumour and that the snow storms are over for you. I cannot complain about our weather as it has been very nice so far this spring. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the summer is just as nice.