Back on solid ground

These photos are not in order, but I do hope you enjoy them.
Black momma bear who strolled by our beach on our last night on the water. Earlier we seen one of her cubs just up from the house boat.
Joe, all relaxed and laid back. This was a typical view out the dining area windows.
Joe surprised me by bringing along his Nepalese Prayer kept us safe and sound, even in the rough waters and stormy night.
What more could a person want or need...a summer home tucked in amongst the trees on the water. Access is by water only late May to mid October. Now that's solitude!
This is the 2 floating sea stores. They move about in the same general area. They carry basic groceries, magazines, treats and souvenirs. The yellow one has a licensed restaurant - we didn't visit - and the white one rents out sea-doos. ***Quick story...Joe 'parked' Hank a bit harder than I would have liked the first visit. The second visit was smooth as silk. Practice makes perfect, even for an ex-sailor. Aaron had a few minutes to spare when he returned his rental...apparently others have hit the store much harder than we the point of knocking items off the shelves!

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