Okay...here's my list, show me yours!!!!

Betty Renaud Aug 1
Grandson Alex Aug 6
Nephew Brian Aug 6
Great niece Harlie Aug 6
Nephew Kevin Aug 7
Nephew Mike Aug 7
cousin's grandson Thomas Aug 11
SIL Betty Aug 15
Nephew Gary Aug 16
Extended family Alice B Aug 16
Aline & Nic anniversary Aug 17
Extended family Tanya Mc Aug 19
Cousin Tara Aug 21
Friend Gayle Aug 22
Friend Maria Paul Aug 23
Extended family Tina Aug 24
Extended family Adele B Aug 25

Whew! Now Steven if I have never sent you birthday wishes...that means I don't have it...do my a huge favor and send it to me via email unless you want the world to know it also! Have I missed anyone else, if so, I apologize...I don't have it. Drop a line when you can.

So with that...


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