Need the feminine point of view

I need some feedback before I start my next quilting project. So far I have loved working with bright crayon colours against a black background.

Then I branched out and get some more muted greens and blues with a hint of gold. Another shopping trip I found some batik that looked watery hence UPSTREAM.

Then I found some beautiful burgundy with cream, gold and green...that was the last one. I'm still finishing a bright colour on light background but I'm needing inspiration for some new to do.

I went through my stash and found I have some warm golds and a few greens...some of which are cool in tone. I've seen some nice patterns...but I'm so many decisions to make...HELP!

Joe thinks whatever I choose is the best one to date but that doesn't help narrow the field does it? I feel a shopping trip in my near future...and the Creative Sewing Conference is fast approaching. Poor Joe has to work so I get to go, drool and perhaps take in a few make it and take it seminars!

So, I expect to hear back from my girls, my sisters, in laws included, nieces and perhaps even my female friends!!! And hey, I'll even consider the gentleman's POV. What colours do you absolutely love? Can't stand? Warm or cool? Bright or pastel or muted? Flowers or prints?

OT-My dear niece Allison has asked if I thought a Johnston family reunion could be a possibility. Well I've sent out a preliminary message to see what interest is out there. The response would dictate the location. Or we could all meet somewhere tropical and then everyone has to travel!!!! Come on 6-49 numbers!!!!!!!!!!! I may as well dream BIG!

Chat with you later!


Lesley said...

I'm in a rush BUT here goes

yes to a '11 reunion if it's at H & J's

turquoise and anything...i love me some turquoise

Alberta said...

okay...what should this turquoise go with...chocolate? I would need 1 other colour unless it's shades of those 2...

reunion...may happen in ON.


Anonymous said...

I would "reune" in either Vancouver/Burnaby, or Toronto/Oshawa, as would Mom and Hike.
As for the quilts, I kinda see the burgandy with a muted green accent, and throw in a bit of the cream as for patterns, I was just looking at a few the other day in my collection you may or may not be interested in, I'll pull out the book later to give you the titles if you like:)

Alberta said...

Always interested in new quilt ideas Krista!

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

there is a evans reunion(Jeffs mom side) in 2010, in quappelle saskatchewan...we arent gonna make that one...the driving would be 2 days there and 2 days back...nd then 2 days for reunion

but we are hoping to go back hme for Amy and Micth wedding...since we ddnt make the birthday reunion

not sure about the venue...i think flying wold be the way we would have to goregardless of where it we get he most visit time...

Alli said...

So I like the colours of a forest green, tan and a nice brown.

Maybe we can all meet have way across the country and rent a hall or garden or something.