New look

All that remains of our Russian Olive tree is the stump and roots below ground. I trimmed the smaller lower branches that I could reach earlier this week. Joe was surprised at how much I got done & hauled away, that it didn't take much convincing to help with the rest.

We started around 7:30 this morning and had it down, trimmed and hauled away by 9:15. We would have finished a bit earlier but I thought we should wait for the neighbours to awaken before starting up with the power saw.

The yard has a definite openness to it but somehow I feel like I'm on display! We have some more changes in mind, including a shade garden behind the lattice with my hops.

Over brunch, we realized something has happened that never happened before. We came into this yard without any interest, planted a tree, watched it grow to a magnificent height and then see it go into distress and need to be removed. We have only in the past planted stuff, seen some growth before moving onto the next home. I'm not sure I like this new feeling.

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Lesley said...

Maybe it's time to move :o)