Sept 25 2009

You could have knocked me over with a feather this morning. I came in from outside and there was Romy, running towards, meowing with all her might. She was telling me something. I walked to the door and sure enough she I snapped on her leash and out we went. She was slinking around, smelling everything and seemed to settle in this spot so I clipped her to a chair. She seems quite content in the sunshine and fresh air. Glad, because she spit up some of her dry crunchies last night. Thanks Joe for cleaning up the mess, sorry you found it by stepping in it!

Three months from now, families will have gathered, gifts opened, photos taken and turkey dinner will be soon on the table. Seems we will all have separate holidays, Heather & Jeff in their new home in BC, Lesley & Aaron at the cottage and us here in the Lil Salmon House. You are all pre-warned...I need lots of photos of all the cute stuff regarding my grandboys!!!!

Now I feel behind in my To Do List!

Oops...must go...I hear a chair being dragged along the deck!


Anne said...

We may be alone this Holiday Season also. Quite possible that Monica, JJ, Kelsey, Caitlynn, Joeye, Josh and Mike will be spending their holidays in South Africa. What at experience this will be for the children.

Alberta said...

Wow! What an awesome trip...and you & Derek get to enjoy your first Christmas in the new house alone...lucky you!