Tuff Love

Well it seems that we are going to have to drag Romy into her new home, meowing & scratching all the way.

She has adopted the downstairs guest room as hers...which was fine for a while but we have company coming. Yesterday I managed to put her leash on her, hoping to get her outside for some fresh air while I cleaned the room and relocated her stuff. Well she dug in her claws and was having none of that. But I caught her out of her room last night...closed the door with her stuff on the outside and to say her isn't happy is today's understatement.

Now how did she figure out which bed is dear Alex's when he visits? Well that's where I found her this morning! Curled up on his pillow, fast asleep. Slowly I'll have to work on getting her socialized with the household because right now...she's running the show!

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Lesley said...

Of course she would have to pick Alex's bed... guess we'll be travelling with the air purifier :o)