You thought I forgot...didn't ya?

  • Tim
  • Irene
  • Jennifer
  • Paul
  • Nathan
  • Olivia
  • Steven
  • Derek
And a very special Happy Housewarming to Anne & Derek...hope to see some photos this weekend!

For those not in the loop...I don't like flying! Cheryl..I think it's your turn next!

Other news...Our quilt guild re-formed last night. There were only 3 present from the last bunch, but a couple are still on vacation so we'll see them next meeting. We did have 5 ones. Just goes to show the power of advertising. I'll have to remember to get there early to help Sherry set up the tables & chairs. She brought a lovely snack of watermelon and chocolate cake! One gal introduced me to Thangles...a paper piece process that ensures the blocks turn out perfectly every time. She is a member of a block a month club from BC and is working up some beautiful fall colours. I'll have to check in January for the next sign up opportunity. How easy - you get your fabric all cut to size for you! We are hoping to arrange a bus tour to some of the local quilting shoppes this year. SHHH...don't tell Joe!

For those who can`t make the NB shindig this weekend, we`ll miss you but hope to have lots of photos posted next week.


Anonymous said...

I think I am going to see if there is a quilting club around here. I think that is something that I would really enjoy.
We will definitely bring pics of our new home with us this weekend.
Looking forward to picking up Brenda and Candice tomorrow eveing at the airport, seeing everyone this weekend....And crashing a party of course.....I bet that is something that Brenda would love to do also....

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

i wonder if Les is arranging for BUS transportation for everyone! ha ha...Sorry we cant make it, but we are now looking on-line for a house to live in...and then we have a trip West Sept 13 to actually see them in real life and slap down a bag of money! after I roll around in it on the bed of course...

Mom and Dad have instructions to give everyone hugs and kisses from us so Dad get your chap stick out!

Lesley said...

I think Monica has the bus gassed up and ready to go :oP

I've even figured out why my pics always go blurry at the best of times -so be prepared for lots of photos!

New MrsIngram said...

I went out and bought a new camera!

Anonymous said...

I will pass on your birthday wishes to Nathan! Take Care