Anyone crazy enough to make me accountable?

Okay...I'm fessing up...I do better at almost everything when I'm challenged! Whether it's a time deadline, an occasion, a group function, whatever...challenge me and I do my very best not to disappoint. I need to be accountable to someone other than myself...I tend to push deadlines ahead at will! Bow head in!

We have decided not to do the Underwear Affair next June. The main reason is that Lesley ends up doing most of the work planning, organizing and carrying through with the fundraiser party in late February, that I feel guilty not living closer and helping more. I'm not moving, so get that notion out of your heads. I may do the Alzheimer's walk in Edmonton summer 2010.

I loved doing Curves, especially with my dear friend Jo @ 6:30 in the morning. We both felt amazing afterwards and that feeling carried on throughout the day. Then when I left a treadmill mostly collecting dust...Jo & started walking ~ 4 km every morning at 6am before she showered and went off to walk. She hurt her back, summer came, we got busy and we stopped. Now she is doing a very physically challenging job for 8 hours straight and doesn't have the spare energy for a brisk morning walk.

Then Lesley & I were challenging each was tied...I won some pretty panties and she got a new swimsuit from our contest. Joe & I were competing on distance on the mill for movie dates, but that soon fell to the way side also.

Now I need the support and ribbing from family and friends to get me back into a more physically active day. I'd love nothing more than to sit and read/craft/sew all day but...the butt is getting bigger.

Does anyone want to join me in a Biggest Loser type challenge? We wouldn't have to publicly post our weight...but our losses and...heaven forbid...gains weekly and perhaps the one with the highest percentage lost would get something (could be $ or gift card) from the others. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly...whatever the majority decides. We could make another blog and have all the BL able to post updates, yummy goodies to eat, things that don't work etc.

I don't make New Year's resolutions...never have, I don't keep them. So I would like to start a new healthy habit December 1...and would love to have company. Who wants in? Family and friends are all welcomed. What do you have to lose?

Leave a comment and let's see less of each other in 2010!

Love y'all!


Alli said...

I'm in!!! I'm due for a good challenge and I could stand to lose and pound or well lets just say a lot more. I'll ask Eddie if he wants in as well he has a belly he wants rid of. Umm I have a stationary bike that should be used instead of collecting dust and a air walker. Can't wait to get started.

Lesley said...

Yeah, I'm in. I started my dieting last year on December 1st and lost just under 40 pounds. BUT I'm so freaking jiggly and soft. It sucks. Make your gameplan and let me know what to do.I'll ask Aaron if he's interested...

Behind My Picket Fence said...

6:30 in the morning????? I'd love to exercise with you but I'm usually busy sleeping at that hour. But, you go girl! I've been working on weight loss since this summer. All I can say is: Baby Steps.

Anne said...

I can afford to lose weight. Fill me in on the details, Please.
I would love to join.

New MrsIngram said...

I'm in .. tell me the plan!

I see I wasn't the only one watching Biggest Loser Reunion last night getting motivated. If those people could lose between 100-200 pounds I'm pretty sure we can lose a couple too!

Maybe the end goal be a half marathon? What would be even better if we could find one around the time of Amy's wedding or so and do it together? Or mom atleast the Navy 10K next summer?