Joe's laugh

Look what Joe found in the parcel from his dear Mom?

I was standing back a bit in the kitchen when Joe started laughing ...he then turned around to show me his 'prize'! A lovely snowman nutcracker for his collection! The detail is exquisite, right down to the knit scarf around Frosty's neck and the tiny snowflakes painted on the base. He's been 1 upped by his Mom! I love it!!!

Also in the parcel was a 'can hardly wait for Christmas' fruitcake, sans nuts and the matching wolf pillow sham for the quilt Irene made last year.There's a few wrapped gifts that can go under the tree too.



mumzy said...

What a lovely snowman and with such detail. Joe must be happy with this one.

Lesley said...

My boys can't pass a nutcracker in a store without asking if they can buy it for Papa's collection!

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

we went to homesence-winners last week...and jonathan found a nut cracker as tall as him...i totally wanted to get it for Papa...hmmmm, maybe its still there?!?!?!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That's a really cute nutcracker! I collected them for a while when my daughter was little (she really enjoyed them and snowglobes)!


~Tammy said...

Ya know, nutcrackes scare me to bits! I normally shudder when I see them. The mouth scares me. That being said, this little guy is adorable! I love him. Could be that I adore snowmen - very cute!