Packing up

The holiday decorations that is.  They seem a little tired and deserving of a rest.  In the past years, with the way our lives played out, we never had the house decorated until ~ December 18 or so.  One year I got the tree up on the 23rd, Joe got home late the 24 and he was gone again on the 26th...that was a very short Christmas.  But that's behind us now.

I like to reflect on all the ornaments as I pack them up...especially the 2 oldest pieces...porcelain bells from the Hudson's Bay kids party...I got 2  of these prior the birth of my baby sister in 1961.

New Year's isn't a big deal for us...except that one evening in Cold Lake....lots of family around, bitter cold temperatures, everyone dressed to the nines, a limo and oh the party of all parties!  We are sitting around the firepit with a cup of something warm and just star gaze.  Hope the weather cooperates....cold temperaturess are one thing but please, no winds.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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