Dirty nails!

After being in paint mode, it was so nice to get my hands dirty in some seed starting mix tonight!  Tam Anderson from Prairie Gardens was guest speaker and had lots of great information.  I may now be able to start my own petunias!!!! I love them but have never been successful at germinating the seeds.  Tam so kindly brought in some Tumbler Tomato seedlings which we had to transplant yourselves so we could feel the 'wetness' of the promix.  I must remember how wet it wasn't....another thing I was doing wrong.  Lucky me I won a package of yellow tomato seeds to try!  

I'm still painting the kitchen.  I'm very happy with the corner cupboard now the lazy susan has been removed and a small width shelf installed along one side.  I have some of the smaller appliances sitting on that and underneath the heavy bigger units.  The floor of the cupboard was quite worn so I simply stuck down some peel 'n' stick tiles - it's clean, fresh and very wipeable. I also put these down in the pots cupboard and underneath the sink.

Another successful visit to the library, I have more ideas running around my head.  Joe is on to book 3 of his series of choice.  We picked up a DVD to watch tomorrow evening and I have another audio book to listen to while painting, cleaning and just being!

Joe happened to get a couple of cans of great paint for free.  The colour is a beautiful burgundy...2 gallons.  My dear friend next door is going to have a sumptuous retreat once she gets the master suite done! An early Valentine's Day celebration perhaps!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, caring friends & family and great food!


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Thanks you so much for your heartfelt and touching comments.

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

arg...burgandy....never in my house!! ha ha

Meari said...

You've been keeping yourself busy. Good luck with the seedlings :)