January excitement

Just a reminder that the  Iron Chef America episode running January 31 is featuring our friend Bill Pratt and Chef Michael Smith vs Bobby Flay!  If you can't watch it, at least record it for later.  I'm interested in the height difference between the 2 chefs and whether Bobby will be standing on a pot too!

And...to keep the food theme going...Bill and another friend Mike Greer have started a blog based on their Olympic experiences.  Bill & Mike will be exciting to read and I'm hoping for some incredible photos of behind the scenes of the village. For those that don't know, Chef Michael Smith and his team will be running the Athlete's Village in Whistler BC, feeding upwards of 70,000 meals/week. No small feat!

On the not so pleasant realities of life...insurance.  I'm not sure how we ended up with Feb 1 as renewal date but it sucks so close to Christmas and all the large heating bills of winter.  But every January when we get the new prices, we sit down and get some comparison quotes.  And so far, every January we realize that we have the best possible rates we can find...even better than Grey Power...which we checked out more out of curiosity.  I don't know anyone who has their coverage and so am a bit skeptical.  After our big car accident in PEI, we realize just how important it is to have an agent you can talk to and understands your needs to the letter.  She knew exactly what coverage we had and facilitated as much as she could from her end.  Of course the company dragged their feet as long as possible before having to write that cheque, but that is just a smart business move on their part.  But back to 2010...we will be staying once more with our current company and we feel good doing so.

Didyaknow...that some of those fancy coffee drinks have more sugar than a chocolate bar?  Between the 2, I know I`d rather have some good chocolate! And those Timmy sized bagels...  are equivalent to 4 slices of regular bread.  A mini bagel = 2 slices!


Lesley said...

I suppose that explains why my kids are happy with a bagel from Tim's for lunch - full tummy :o)

Tootsie said...

I don't drink coffee...or like chocolate much...so I'm good to go! I do drink a boat load of diet pop though...lol
I have missed blogland so much...but have been so stinking busy that I have no time or energy to blog this year so far a single mom has no rest! lol...but...I have been taking photos of what I have been doing...so when things slow down...LOOK OUT BLOGLAND! lol

Lucie said...

But those gingerbread latte's at Starbucks are now part of my Christmas and New Year's experience. Probably the equivalent to turkey&stuffing&gravy combined.