Things aren't always as they appear to be!

Everyone who knows me, knows I'm frugal.  I hate spending $ on some things.  Utility bills are right at the top of my list, especially since they started adding all those extra "can't get out of them" fees. 

If you are cool/cold, put on a sweater.  Showers are for cleansing yourself, not standing there daydreaming.  Baths are a treat not a right!  Okay that may be taking it a bit far but I'm setting this up.

Joe thought the hot water wasn't quite hot enough so he adjusted it.  He went down for his shower while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  He was not amused when he came in a very short time later saying his shower was extremely short because he ran out of hot water.  I hardly used any at all but I felt like it was my fault.

The tank we have is 11+ years old and isn't the most prestigious brand so perhaps we need to switch it out.  We went down to see what was what and for Joe to show me again where the water & gas shut off valves are just in case the bottom drops out while I'm at home by myself.

Joe then showed me how much he turned the dial where it says HOT.  Things came clear and I had to chuckle....sure he turned the dial to HOT but when you see the other side of the range is VERY HOT you know he actually turned the setting down to its lowest point!  He wasn't amused!  Joe, even I'm not that frugal!!!!  tee hee

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Lesley said...

I have got to be the exact opposite of you, ha ha!

I don't mind the house being cool but I like my showers/baths frequent and hot hot hot!!