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Have you ever looked high and low for something only to discover when you found it that you didn't really want it at all? I'm going through something like that right now. I find my mind goes off into a kind of never never land. I hope the passing of time helps the calm to return.
Playing in the garden seems to ease the soul! Lucky me. This is a tea cup project (seed in this one...water in 2 others) I made with one of my late parents' stash. Oh how they loved to sit down for a cup and please don't clatter the cup on the saucer!
The scent from these blooms is unbelievable! The lighter one is fading quickly in this heat but I wanted DH to have a chance to see them. The darker one is blooming for the first time since I got it from our DD as a transplant. I love it!
This is my Mr. Tree frog house tucked in beside the ferns. I actually had a frog in there 2 years ago. Fingers crossed for another such guest.
This is a Mr. Tree planter but I just like looking at him right at home beside the baby bleeding heart, and some newly transplanted astilbe, hosta, pansies and lilies. I quite like the shades of green against the coir fresh looking.
Another view, same bed. I'm slowly working on removing the goutweed. This piece is still there because I didn't want to lose the iris blooms. Once they come & go, it's fair game so look out goutweed! Your days are numbered.

After I mowed today, I sat out back in the shade with my stitching and got a nice corner done. There was just enough breeze to ease the heat...we went up to 28 today which is hot when you consider 2 weekends ago we had snow! Isn't Mother nature having fun with us!

Until next time...


Meari said...

Your garden is beautiful! So that's really a weed?? I think I have some, lol.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Your garden is lovely! I like the teacup birdfeeders - I made one last year and I've been wanting to make a few more. They're so pretty!


Alli said...

Nice garden Anutie Berta, I like the tree head very cute. We are going to be cutting out Lilac tree down this year :( Zach is allergic to them and they are not worth the hassel of having him wheezing all the time and all of the neighbours have them so he is suffering big time. It is nice to sit in the back and relax after the hard work is done.