Hollywood Highlights - the saga continues

We were forewarned that no recording devices of any sort were allowed in the Dr Phil studio.  Since we were cabbing it , we needed something to able able to call for our return trip.  They gave us a numbered  tag that corresponded with the bag containing our blackberry.  We moved along the line, went through the metal detector and I had my handbag searched and then we followed along to another holding area.  After a short stint we were brought into a seating area.  We were informed of the rules and signed our waivers.  Everyone was encouraged to go for their bathroom breaks.  Gum, that's a big issue with Dr Phil.  They must have passed paper cups around 3 times or more for folks to spit out their gum before we even got into the inner sanctum.

Finally we got into the studio itself and I was amazed at how small and cozy it is.  It appears so much bigger on TV.  Joe and I got to sit in the second row of the middle section.  Yup...Joe was 2 seats left & behind Robin!  She even whispered a few answers to questions during the commercial breaks.  I now know the secret!  The chair across the aisle directly in front of Robin is set up with 9 or 12 lights so no chances of bad lighting!  Given that little perk, she does sit over a case of bottled water.  We were not allowed any food or drink in the studio but the staff were quick to pass you a bottle of water should you have a couch.

There was an audience warm up that involved folks going on stage and dancing...what an ice breaker!  Then a brief welcome and before you know it, it was time to roll tape. Robin came out and took her seat and a couple minutes later, out came the Big Guy.  From the time he came out until the end of taping, he did not leave the stage. He had his notes, the teleprompter had his key points he wanted to cover, his staff was quick and efficient at resetting the stage during commercial breaks...it was  orchestrated beautifully.

I know some doubt the Dr.'s 8 minute solutions but I tell you I was impressed.  The first taping we sat in on ran as long as it needed to in order to get the issue acknowledged.  The guest was allowed to talk as long as he felt it needed, there was no rushing or sense of urgency.  All in all, they taped at least 90 minutes of material.  I'm interested to watch the show and see if they split it into 2 airings or condense it down to just the 1 show.

After this wrapped up, we went back outside to stretch and have another pee break.  There was juice and cheesy crackers to snack on. I spent most of the break time in line...never enough women's stalls!

The second show was more matter of fact and ran about an hour total.  We sat in a different spot, to give the show a fresh look.  Dr Phil changed into another outfit, but Robin didn't!  What does that say?  

After that, we headed outside with the other 200 people.  The sidewalks were crowded so we just started walking...and ended up walking all the way back to the hotel with 1 stop.  The granite sidewalks are hard on the feet & legs, especially when you aren't used to it.  Why were they granite?  Because there are miles and miles on starts embedded in the Walk of Stars!  I didn't take any photos, just to many great ones and some many people on them.  It is the sidewalk!  We stopped in at an Irish Pub that had a lamb shepherd's Pie for Joe and I had the California veggie wrap!  There may be been a beer or 2 consumed while I enjoyed a fresh brewed ices tea...no sugar like the CDN cr*p!  

It was good to get back to the hotel and change out of our dress up duds, put on shorts, have a beer in the room before heading back out to see what we could find. 

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