Jan 9 2012 UPDATED

 ***Meari, no, we don't collect brandy snifter but we do collect Exquisite crystal.  Also this is a sporran...DH got his kilt for Christmas, now to get the fixings!

Look at what we found in the antique store yesterday?  I almost missed them because they were sitting on a shelf slightly above my eye level. Something made me look up and there they were! Only 2 perfect condition Belfor "EXQUISITE" crystal brandy snifters from the former Czechoslovakia.  They are wonderful additions to our collection.

Last night we finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I'm so happy Joe got the entire set and I can't wait to see the last two! We're going in order & building up the suspense. It's crazy exciting!  I'm sure I'll be sharing with some grandchildren later on also!!! It's like being a kid again.

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Meari said...

Do you collect brandy snifters?