Don't be sick, don't be sick, don't...

Today starts another very busy week + for me/us. I woke up this morning and stayed in bed for another hour. I wish I feel better but... I don't. 

Today I'm unloading the buffet, stemware on the dressers upstairs, china on the beds, knick knacks anywhere they'll fit.  Also upstairs is the new dishwasher, telescope, treadle sewing machine,antique high chair, dining chairs; the list goes on.  

Tomorrow I'm over at the church to do veggie prep for our annual community fall stew dinner.  Don't be sick!  I have the first shift and the success of the day depends on a smooth and timely start.

After that, I'm home to clean up and head over to the library for our charity quilts presentation.  This was rescheduled from the upcoming Monday which I would have had to miss because on Monday we are getting new flooring installed.

So between today and Monday @ 8:30 we need to empty the dining room ...did I mention we also have an antique pump organ to hid somewhere else...and kitchen island, frig, stove, hall tree....ugh....don't be sick! We also have to remove all the baseboards and closet doors. Don't be sick. It'll be nice when it's done but right now it's all about getting through today!



Lesley said...

It'll be nice when it's all done and you can just sit and relax with a cup of tea and your e-reader :o)

Alberta said...

And that's exactly what gets my through the chaos...tea and a read! Thanks for stopping by.