...er...1 of my collections

Tablecloths! Found most of these in the linen closet as I do my annual purge.
Newest...gift from MariaPaul from one of her Goa vacations. She said it was a sheet but with the greek key border all the way around, it's a tablecloth to me. I haven't used it yet, it's an odd dimension but now I'm thinking about reworking it so I can use it without having to fold sides under.

This is the family holiday gag!  Joe got this made especially for me while in the Middle East.  He was returning home just before Christmas and wanted a special set for our turkey dinner.  Well, they had never seen a CDN Xmas tree and did the very best they could...palm trees!  There's matching napkins and despite the heavy gold thread embroidery, this washes up beautifully without the red dye running.  I'm not sure who will inherit this when the time comes, but perhaps Heather and Lesley could alternate so everyone gets to smile knowing the secret behind the design.

A favorite one gifted from my MIL, it fits perfectly on our kitchen island, washes like a dream.  Sadly the colours are fading despite cold water washes.

A taffeta type round cloth for when I take the middle table leaf out. 

I ♥ this one.  The photo sucks as this is tucked away in a holiday bin.  It used to be Mom's and this a wool content so it gets lots of TLC.

 A classic neutral rectangular cloth with colour coordinated napkins.

My first large cross stitch project circa 1981-82, tablecloth and matching napkins.  Thank you DIY gift from Mom and Aunt Bebe after they visited along with Dad.  Special memories for sure.

Another special Middle east one, lightly embroidered in variegated greys with napkins.

Another similar one but this is heavily embroidered, also with napkins.

Another bad shot, this is a formal jet black rectangular cloth, kinda depressing but...

Put this hand crocheted overcloth and it's spectacular especially with my Sarabande dishes on the table.  I'm thinking of getting a silver grey cloth for times when Silver Birch is on the table. Hmmm...gift idea anyone? I started crocheting this in Kingston ON and finished it in Ralston, AB.  Not an expensive project to do except for the huge time commitment. The large motif took me a day to do, then there's small ones to connect.

After Aunt Bebe seen or heard about my black tablecloth she made me 6 crocheted lace place mats with the black ribbon. Very classy but I'm thinking perhaps I'll take the ribbon out or just change it to something else.  Ideas?

This is one of my favorite day to day cloths.  It was one of Mom's, not sure where or when she got it.  We lived so far apart for about 20 years or so.  I usually have this on the table and when Aaron comes to visit he was always taking it off before we ate. That was nice of him to respect something that I cherish.

*** Note for Lesley re our town being in the news of late - yes, lots going on some good some not so...church fire, new to us public school, rising vandalism,traffic fatality at Cardiff Corner,population growth...the list goes on.


Jennifer Brown said...

Wow you do have lots of tablecloths... I may have one. I don't use them all that often. Yours are beautiful!


Lesley said...

I don't have that many tablecloths but I do like them for company.

Now plastic tablecloths I have a ton of those. I keep reusing all of the same holiday ones over and over again.