Heavy loads

Monday we have the first of 2 days of flooring installation happening. I removed all the piddly stuff which leaves all the heavy stuff today. Strangely enough despite having to relocate the refrigerator and stove, this is the heaviest piece.
Since you very seldom see into the works, I thought I would share a photo while its off the wall. This is an antique pump organ that has been in the Statton Mills Johnston family since the early 1900's. My great grandmother, Alice Statton was the original owner. Now that we've had to move this, we are rethinking AGAIN where to put it. Organs and pianos have to be placed against a inside wall to protect it from drafts etc and this limits our choice. Measure lots of times, more as little as possible. Stay tuned next week for updates on FURNITURE 101!


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Jennifer Brown said...

Very cool! Good luck with your renos