He got the dishwasher removed no problem. Found where the leak was but there was still the issues with the pump so we took it to the dump. After the third time with issues, I/we weren't prepared to put more money into it, especially as this last problem means a new floor. 

We try to shop local when possible. Our local flooring store runs 8 - 5 Monday through Friday, closed weekends. When you working the city ~7:30 - have a problem. However the owner was at the store doing some DIY upgrades and he let us in and gave us the tour. We'll have someone over to measure and get us started on the process. I'm not looking forward to it. Moving 3 rooms of furniture into concept sucks at times! 

So we headed into the yard to prep for winter. Someone decided he's going to make grape jelly without gloves....

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Lesley said...

Ha ha, that's funny Dad!