Now I've done it!

I think I need to learn to say NO with grace and mean it. I have so many projects to do isn't insane. I'm helping with crafts for our library's upcoming Christmas sale. Worked on some cute dish bottle aprons last night with Judy. Kathrin brought in the sweetest fabric gift card envelopes, so that's on my list now also. Shelley was busy making a quilted fabric tree ornament with hundreds of straight pins. A thimble will be her best friend before she's done. I made some of these in Cold Lake with some crafty friends. My thumb still hurts from the thought of doing another one. I have some cross stitch smalls I want to make along with a BASAL with my friend Felicity and new pal Shelley 2. What's a BASAL? It's a Big *ss Stitch ALong and it's gorgeous. It's Nora Corbett's Dress Maker's Daughter with oodles of teeny tiny beads.
Dressmaker's Daughter


And my list of quilting projects just got a bit longer.  Seems one of the meetings I missed, the group started a mystery project.  They are all finished parts 1 - 3! Ouch!  This may definitely be a case of the hurrier I go the behinder I get!  Until the next time...keep on truckin!

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