Racking my head for ideas

Long story shortened...I have 12 rather large fish bowls that I want to do something with so I can donate them to our upcoming annual library craft sale.  I have this in mind...some Epsom salt crystals on the bottom, with a flameless candle and some springs of pine and a few cones. Too boring?  Not sure, that's where you come in, I need the feedback.

I ABSOLUTELY ♥LOVE♥ this idea but they would be HUGE! Not sure how portable they would be.  I'd have to haul them to the sale and these would then have to make it to folks' homes. They would have some heft to them and the bowl's upper lip is quite fine.  I would use a larger terra cotta pot than this for the base.

I like the idea of making an non traditional Advent calender with various packettes inside.  The question is...what to put inside these.  Your thoughts?

I also like these balls, only I would use Christmas music sheets and have balls of different sizes with a few greens or pine cones tucked it and perhaps a flameless candle.
These are super cute too.  I could make noses out of Aleene's famous bread dough recipe...fluffy white bread,glue,knead and add acrylic paint for colour.  They air dry hard and are very durable.  I have some mini wreaths with bread dough roses my Mom & I made in '93 that look as good toady as when we made them.
I also think just a bowl of these would love awesome, especially with a short light of mini lights.

Decisions, decisions.  Why do I have the feeling I'm talking myself into 1 or 2 of each?

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Lesley said...

I think the centerpiece looks nice. Would be good on the table for Christmas dinner or on a buffet table too?

Looks like you've been on Pinterest :o)