What a view this morning!

 This revealed itself as the sun was rising at the same time it was shrinking as the shadows fell away.  

It's the hot tub lid!  

Sadly, this winter we will not be dashing through the snow for a midnight soak.  One of the 2 motors was sounding off and I didn't want to take the chance of a luxury turning into a gigantic Popsicle! We'll pull the motor and have it checked in the spring.

Today is a kick back day.  Putter around the house this morning as Sunday dinner bakes, then a matinee movie and a walk along the river.  Supper tonight will be a new recipe to our home...Curried Cauliflower soup made with cashew milk a la Dr. Andrew Weil's  cookbook True Food.  You can find this recipe on HERE. The biggest challenge was finding the raw cashews which are quite tasty.  We got ours from Save-On-Foods bulk department. 

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the sunshine if you can!


Lesley said...

Is that just frozen ice on top? It looks like its metal.

Sounds like the perfect balance today of fun.

We're watching The Walking Dead premiere and having beef on a bun...mmmm...

Alberta said...

That's just overnight Jack Frost on the vinyl top. May look different because there's no water in the tub!!!!